Long Island City Gets a Breakdown

Greenwich Village: On the one-year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting, NYU is looking into a high-tech lockdown system in the event of an emergency. Like when they’re under siege by anti-development locals, perhaps? [Gothamist]
Long Island City: Hunters Point, Dutch Kills, Ravenwood … yes, friends, LIC is no mere monolith but a gorgeous mosaic of many diverse and vibrant villages, and the city has graciously identified them for you on this colorful new map! [LiQcity]
Midtown East: City honchos are looking to close off a segment of 34th Street to cars. Could they put in some non-depressing lunch places, too? [Gothamist]

Mott Haven: Hispanic parishioners at St. Rita’s church in this part of the Bronx really want the Pope to pass through their hood en route to Yankee Stadium, just like John Paul II did during his visit in the seventies. And, hey, St. Rita is the saint of the impossible, so maybe it’ll happen. [NYS via Talk Bronx]
Prospect Heights: Yo, new neighbor on Prospect Place, we’re sick of seeing your “bare white ass” when you sit down on the can every night in your curtainless bathroom, so please buy some drapes pronto. [Brooklynian via Curbed]
Prospect Park: Man saves baby squirrel from mid-road suicide. Baby squirrel curls up in his pocket. Man takes baby squirrel home. Man is chided by city officials for doing so. Man takes squirrel on subway and delivers to pro-squirrel rescuer. Yes, this is the cutest and weirdest story we’ve read in a looong time. [Citybirder via Queens Crap]
Red Hook: As the hood loses its closest subway stop to major repairs and braces for the opening of a massive Ikea, some folks want to make the area the city’s bike-friendliest. [NYP]