Madonna Does Heart New York, Now That Her Real-Estate Troubles Are Over


Photo: Getty Images

After a public scuffle with the co-op board at the posh Central Park West building Harperley Hall, Madonna has gotten her way. She’s gone to contract on a $7 million apartment in the building, which adjoins the 6,000-square-foot duplex she already owns. It will be the third space in the building that belongs to her. According to “Rush & Molloy,” her palatial living quarters already include a gym and a beauty salon. See, when Madonna lashed out at New York in Vanity Fair this month, we knew it wasn’t because the city “doesn’t feel alive.” It was because she, like everybody else in town, was having a fucking hell of a time buying an apartment. That’s so normal.

Madonna pads out her place on the park [NYDN]