Martha Stewart Equally Excited About Perez Hilton and President Bush

We can’t get enough of Martha Stewart’s blog, if only because it’s comforting to know that she doesn’t do everything perfectly. The quality is just bootleg enough for us to really get behind it, even though while reading the thing, you always kind of feel like you’re being forced to look at your next-door neighbors’ endless honeymoon photos. (“And this is us wearing sombreros while holding a parrot! It was so tame!”) Her latest blog post, on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, was captivating, as always. She tells us that she flew there on the private jet of her “friend” Charles Simonyi. There is an extensive photo array documenting the proceedings, including not one, but two pics of Perez Hilton? Someone’s got a crush! Wonder if she knows how to use MS Office to do a semen blob?

Girl definitely needs Flickr, but her loyal fans are still happy to look through the endless pics and captions and are as impressed as ever with her efforts. As the commenter Dayami writes, “You looked gorgeous! How are you able to remember all those names?! Then again, you ARE Martha.”

From President Bush to Perez Hilton, Come See My Photos! [Martha Blog]
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