The Lousy Housing Market Affects Even Stars of ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’

Boerum Hill: A certain actress is trying to off-load the narrow, 1,680-square-foot brownstone she picked up last year for less than $200,000 more than what she paid for it a year ago. [Brownstoner]
Brooklyn Heights: Given that nobody was hurt, locals actually seem kind of grateful for the fire that just destroyed this Gristedes. Maybe now they’ll get a nice, vermin-free Whole Foods, they hope. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]
Chelsea: Oh, these shots of work coming along on the High Line make us want to sneak up there and smoke cigarettes and drink beer the first warm spring night. And we just might! [High Line Blog]

Harlem: Harlem council member Inez Dickens says no way will 125th Street get its controversial rezoning if it doesn’t provide more affordable housing and relocation aide for displaced stores. And since the City Council usually votes in suit with its rep from the district in question, she’s probably right. [NYS]
Greenpoint: There was a scabies outbreak among deli workers at a local (semi-identified) grocery after it got a new chicken supplier, so it’s up to you to parse that and decide if you still want to patronize it or not. [Newyorkshitty]
Long Island City: A guy who once lead a conga parade up Avenue A to protest the city’s anti-dancing cabaret laws is now opening a rock club here called the Queensbridge Theater. It’ll close at 4 a.m., then open three hours later for breakfast with home-baked bread. Rock and rolls! [NYO]
Upper East Side: This real-life (?) real housewife of New York City defends the show of the same name. She says it makes her feel “grateful for my semi-charmed kind of life” and suspects that watchers from the Midwest who think the women on the show are vapid and superficial are probably just jealous. [Sex and the Upper East Side]