Now Obama Supporters Are Just Showing Off

One meeeeelion dollars!Photo Illustration: Getty Images

Coming off a month where Barack Obama doubled Hillary Clinton’s fund-raising numbers, and as he outspends her three to one on Pennsylvania TV ads, his supporters are planning a display that can only be described as cocky: raising $1 million online in only one minute. A Website,, has been set up by independent supporters to register 10,000 donors committed to sending the Obama campaign $100 each at exactly 1 p.m. on April 21, the day before the Pennsylvania primary.

Ostensibly, the stunt is supposed to create some positive media coverage right before Pennsylvanians head to the polls. Something like, “Barack Obama’s momentum continues, and he’s now on pace to raise $50 billion in the next month.” But while it would be an impressive show of grassroots force, you have to wonder whether the working-class, blue-collar voter — which we understand from story after story is every person in Pennsylvania — won’t simply be turned off by the Obama campaign’s fund-raising muscle-flexing. It’s not really inspiring to be reminded that Obama can raise more in one minute with his legs resting atop his desk than you’ll earn in 30 years at the steel mill. And it might be the only thing that makes the $109 million Clintons look poor. —Dan Amira