Okay, Really, There Will Be Life on the Gowanus?

Bay Ridge: Bean Post Pub–goers here are proud that one of their own, Billy DiCristina, was the one who slurringly called every number at the Post he could find when he heard the rumor about the buried Red Sox shirt. He’ll never pay to drink here again! [NYP via Bay Ridge Blog]
East Village: It appears that a tsunami of protest (including from NYU students!) may keep NYU from closing the Met Foods that it owns on Second Avenue. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY]
Gowanus: The city has picked a developer to build an ambitious mixed-income residential-retail project alongside the smelly canal. Can you imagine that life here will ever look this verdant and nontoxic? [Curbed]

Greenwich Village: In what may be a coup for preservationist protesters, city landmarks honchos told St. Vincent’s that they may have to tweak their plan for a massive towering new hospital and nearby condos. Perhaps something lower but taking up more ground space? [NYS]
Harlem: The city’s controversial plans to rezone 125th Street now reflect a compromise, involving lower buildings and half of new housing set aside as affordable, before the package goes before the City Council. [NYT]
Park Slope: The guy who owns the Ricky’s costume stores is selling his redone brownstone here for $3 mil, less than a year after buying it for $1.3 mil and putting in toilets so fancy we didn’t know they were toilets. [Gothamist via NYO]
Soho: So now there is an ad parodying the ad American Apparel did parodying Woody Allen, the one the director is suing the company for. This is now so meta our head hurts. [Copyranter]