Introducing Johannes Huebl, Olivia Palermo’s New BF!

Today we take a long, hard — uncomfortably long — look at Olivia Palermo’s new model boyfriend! According to “Page Six,” the socialite and German-born model Johannes Huebl have been quietly dating for several months. They were even introduced by ‘mocialite Daniel Benedict! Huebl, the New York Times informs us, is known as “Joe Hotness” on the society party circuit. Olivia Palermo, of course, is known as a sometime persona non grata on the society party circuit. Will this coupling be the push Palermo needs to finally be accepted by Tinsley and the gang?

Huebl also stars in this wonderfully cheesecake (if the Cheesecake Factory had a flavor named “Gay”) music video. The video includes interviews with Huebl in his native language. We don’t speak German, but we do speak Abs and this video has them in spades. Think slo-mo pans up and down his bare torso, multiple shots in nut-hugging briefs. All the while the soundtrack bleats “love me, love me, love me.” The end of the montage is a close-up on Johannes’s face as he says his one line from a promotional video for Holly Peterson’s book The Manny (a video that co-stars Tinsley Mortimer!). “It’s good to be the manny,” he growls. Judging from everything we’ve just seen, we think it’s also good to be Olivia Palermo. —Noelle Hancock

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