Ooh! A Video Preview of the Next Three Episodes of ‘Gossip Girl’!

We’re a little conflicted about posting the above clip. In it, a mysterious YouTube poster explains many of the plot details of the next three episodes of Gossip Girl. As if you could forget, it comes back on the air on Monday — that’s only four more days of agonized anticipation, people! We’ll finally find out if this Trichotillomania was just a passing phase or will be stuck with us permanently! But seriously, we’re posting the video because it has some delicious moments from the upcoming episodes (though you have to sit through some weird texted moments to see them). We’re sure the genius writers of the Greatest Show of Our Time will have much more in store for us than what’s included here. But you’ve waited long enough — you deserve a little Gossip Girl sugar. You know you love us, xoxo.

Melis3691990’s Channel [YouTube — warning, there’s a lot of Wildfire clips in there]