Queens Children Face Giant ‘Dagger’

Astoria: A “dagger in the lungs of children in northwest Queens”? That’s what Queens councilman Peter Vallone is calling plans for a power plant here, which would be the borough’s sixth. [NYS]
Bed-Stuy: Round these parts, a tranny is still something that a used car needs. [Bed-Stuy Blog]
Chelsea: The apparently much-hated manager of the Chelsea Hotel seems to be facing the end of his short tenure, but does this mean more security for longtime residents, given the new corporate management? [Living With Legends]

Downtown Brooklyn: Against local wishes, the city wants to reopen the Atlantic Avenue jail, expanding it and adding retail (buy Dad a quick gift before visiting!), but Comptroller Thompson thinks the city should sell the site to raise money. [NYDN]
East Village: A beautiful, century-old medical clinic put on the market as a single-family “mansion” has apparently sold. But to whom? And how will the person(s) work around the fact that the building’s landmarked? [Vanishing New York]
Soundview: A grandma here is just one of countless Bronx residents who, in a recent survey, rated their own neighborhoods quite a bit lower than folks did in other boroughs, especially when it came to safety. [Talk Bronx]
West Village: Tonight, plans will be revealed for Renzo Piano’s Whitney Museum 2.0 at the base of the High Line. Twice the size of the UES flagship, it faces a loooong approval process. [Curbed]