Court Orders Raffaello Follieri to Pay Publicists for Breach of Contract


Also, why is Anne Hathaway doing that with her leg?Photo: Getty Images

According to papers filed in D.C. civil court, a judge has ordered Italian church developer and Anne Hathaway boyfriend Raffaello Follieri to pay around $250,000 to the Carmen Group, the D.C. public-relations group who sued him for nonpayment back in October. Follieri had hired Carmen in the wake of another highly publicized lawsuit, in which supermarket magnate Ron Burkle claimed Follieri sank the money Burkle gave him to develop church properties into fancy dinners, clothes, and “his movie star girlfriend.” Follieri denied those charges and eventually settled with Burkle, agreeing in Delaware Court to pay him back in property since he couldn’t come up with the funds. He denied not paying Carmen, too, telling the Post, “The Carmen Group worked with the Follieri Group for one month and were paid for one month,” back in October. But then he defaulted on the complaint and never showed up at the hearing in January — although he did make it to the Miss Sixty show a week later. We hope he didn’t spend too much money on clothes — otherwise we know where someone’s Get Smart royalties are going.

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