Rising Rents Aren’t the Only Things You’ll Have to Swallow in Coney Island

Coney Island: Some ruthlessly career-minded youngsters shelled out $600 to stick nails up their noses and coat hangers down their throats at Coney’s venerable sideshow school. [NYDN via Gothamist]
Fort Greene: It’s just one of many gentrified hoods around the country where latte-swilling locals resent the recent influx of bewigged, harpsichord-loving aristocrats. [The Onion]
Long Island City: An Amish market (though it won’t be called that) and a Duane Reade are “manifesting” here. Manifesting? That sounds, like, spiritual or something. [LIQCity]

Prospect Heights: Now that the area’s massive Atlantic Yards project is stalled and may never be completed, locals want the state to freeze the demolition of buildings that were slated to come down…including these adorable (and, uh, occupied!) little townhouses. [Brownstoner]
Rego Park: The hood’s largest apartment building, Saxon Hall, just sold for $75 million. And, more importantly, it looks like a cross from the Crusades when viewed from above. [Queens Crap]
Washington Heights: Many little boats are shipwrecked along the Hudson up here, as evidenced by pics on this semiotically-captioned blog. [Gay Recluse]
West Village: Hudson Blue, that riverfront six-unit condo that Leo DiCaprio was supposed to buy into, is now on the market as a one-family, eleven-bedroom, nine-bathroom, $21 million building. Un-Blue-lievable! [Curbed]