Eliot and Silda’s Day Out

We’ve been wondering what Eliot Spitzer’s been doing with his time, other than atoning for his sins and mewling over what could have been and atoning some more. Playing Scrabulous? Learning how to knit? Finally reading Infinite Jest? But yesterday the Post snapped him and Silda in front of the NYU Medical Center, and it doesn’t really look like he’s doing much more than errands. He’s just like us! Except for the whole sleeping-with-dirty-gross-hookers part. All things considered, the first couple looks pretty good, and the Post is really quite taken with Silda’s outfit: “fashionable jeans, boots, a blazer and a fetching, large scarf.” Fetching? Eliot looks kind of awkward though, seeing as he’s dressed like he still has a job.

How’s Tricks? [NYP]

UPDATE, 12:43: At the request of the Post we’ve taken their photo down, so you’ll have to go over there to see Silda’s scarf in its full erotically charged glory. Apologies to them. But Daily Intel has come across something else having to do with the Luv Guv: A loose page from Eliot Spitzer’s day planner. COMING UP SOON.