Some Old CBGB Punks Think the John Varvatos Store Isn’t That Bad

Carroll Gardens: An ugly Fedders buidling with an old-school cornice atop it is still an ugly Fedders building. But it isn’t as bad as these other monstrosities in Bushwick and Williamsburg. [Newyorkshitty]
East Village: Some of the old punks hitting last night’s opening of John Varvatos’s new store in the old CBGB space told protesters that the music-promoting emporium was at least better than a Starbucks or a bank. [Vanishing NY]
Flushing: Here’s the ultimate guide to booming development in this Queens burg, where “there’s so much signage for tarot cards, acupuncturists and massage parlors, the area feels almost decadent.” We’re there! [NYDN]

Murray Hill: The 1868 Glad Tidings Tabernacle Church has been completely leveled. It’s all gone. No one will ever gladly tide there again. [amNY]
Turtle Bay: The building whose crane fell off it and caused death and destruction last month? It was approved in error, the city’s Buildings commish said yesterday! [NYT via Gothamist]
Williamsburg: The popular vinyl emporium/performance space Sound Fix has been slammed with violations, even though the captain of the cops delivering the summons supposedly has “a hard-on” for the store. Well, don’t go flaccid now, chief! [Brownstoner]