State Senators, They’re Just Like Us! And We, We’re a Bunch Of Weirdos.

East Village: Jeremiah, if you keep taking us down fascinating, nostalgic wormholes, like this one about the old Ratner’s spot on Second Avenue, we’ll never get our work done and save up the money we need for that new luxury condo in Alphabet City! So stop! Wait, just kidding, don’t! [Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY]
Harlem: The owner of a handsome 1903 building in the footprint of Columbia’s planned expansion wants the school to move it four blocks south, not demolish it. [amNY]
Jamaica: It seems even “savvy” state senators are not immune to personal foreclosure misery, even if this one claims she defaulted on her mortgage so she could feel the pain of her constituents. [NYDN via Queens Crap]

Southeast Bronx: A grove of young black birch trees, donated by Monaco’s Prince Albert in memory of locals who died on 9/11, was looted in Ferry Point Park. Hey, thieves, we hope someone yanks up your saplings, too! [Newsday via Talk Bronx]
Tribeca: So what exactly will that luxury building going up at the top of the erstwhile triangle below Canal actually look like? Does anyone out there have renderings? [Curbed]
Upper East Side: Okay, now that we know that the weird-looking “Bride of Frankenstein” lady is just good old Sister Marlene who feeds the birds in Carl Schurz Park, who’s the fortysomething chubby Asian transsexual who carries around the Conway shopping bags? [78thand2nd]