Stuyvesant Town: A Landmark for a Brave New World

Bushwick: There are lots of new condo development on Troutman Street, but don’t worry, you can still buy crack there if you want to. [BushwichBK]
East Harlem: British investors are buying property here because they think it’s like London burg Brixton was fifteen years ago — a cheap buy that’ll appreciate — but local tenant activists are taking their fight across the pond. [Metro NY]
East Village: Stuy Town residents will have a square dance to kick off efforts to landmark the massive complex, a move that’d keep owner Tishman Speyer from putting new buildings on the area’s green spaces. [Curbed]

Flushing: Even as the city releases renderings of its plans for a $3 billion Willets Point redo, business owners there opposed to the overhaul kvetch directly to the mayor. [NYDN]
Harlem: Soul-food eatery Manna won’t leave its 125th Street space, even though it was evicted last July and supposed to be out February 1. Now the property’s new owner wants $50,000 a month from the joint. [NYP via Uptown Flavor]
Vinegar Hill: The 3,440 residents of the Farragut Houses have to walk nearly a mile to wash their clothes because their on-site laundromat’s been closed since last year. So don’t complain about that schlep around the corner! [Brooklyn Paper]
Williamsburg: Some guy biked around the neighborhood balancing a large canvas on his head. Check out the pics. It’s Breaking Away meets the last scene of An Unmarried Woman! [Fading Ad]