The Beyoncé and Jay-Z Nuptials Could Be Happening Right This Very Second!!!!!

Jay Z

Photo: Melissa Hom

Okay, we take it back. Yesterday we said we didn’t care that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were maybe getting married. But that was before the Insider reported that they were getting married this very afternoon at 195 Hudson, a loft-y office building that is right near the New York Mag offices!!!!!!! In fact, we almost moved in there, COO Kit Taylor mentioned to us as we pressed our nose against the glass of the window overlooking the scene of the alleged nuptials. And what a scene it was! Here is what we saw:

1) A bunch of paparazzi.
2) A black Escalade pulling out the building.

Using the sightings of these two things as conclusive evidence, we can report that there are definitely paparazzi and an Escalade on the street. Stay tuned for sightings of bling and poppin’ Dom!

Update: So we sat around outside waiting for something to happen (some people had been waiting there since 8:30 am), but nothing did. Turns out nothing much had happened all day. But reporters from the Daily News, Post, Fox, People, NBC, and half a dozen other outlets were waiting by patiently. This is what they looked like:

Jay-Z Wedding

Photo: Chris Rovzar

Now that’s a wedding party.