We Know Who Dies in the ‘Sex and the City’ Movie: Latest Update

Well, ever since Cynthia Nixon recently “slipped” (perhaps after an SATC publicist “slipped” to her that under no circumstances should she float any such idea) that someone in the SATC movie dies, some of us here have hypothesized that it’s Charlotte. (She’s always been the prissy fourth wheel anyway!). Others of us have surmised that it’s Big. (Chris Noth once said that Big, in the original, nixed SATC movie, kicked it from a coronary!) Now comes some new intel: Last night, at the opening of the Broadway musical version of John Waters’s 1990 movie Cry-Baby, attendee Anne Meara, who played Steve’s Alzheimer’s-addled mom on the series, told us she was not in the movie. “I shot for it,” she said, “but the scene was cut. I didn’t have much to do.” Hmmmm … so could the “one who dies” be Steve’s mom? We mean, if Steve’s mom hasn’t died, how will they justify not showing her for only a moment … say they’ve stashed her away in a nice old folks’ home in the Rockaways? In the series’ last episode, Miranda gently pulled her away from an impromptu lunch at a streetside trash can and gave her a bath … tenderly, it seemed, though perhaps that was the last straw before Miranda Googled “New York eldercare facility.” Maybe they’ll just say that she died. Then that means a more momentous death has to occur. Hm, guess we’re right back where we were, placing bets. You know, nobody’s supposed yet it could be Carrie’s gay friend Stanford Blatch. You know, it’s not that uncommon for ex-porn-mag-posing boyfriends to suddenly go psycho on you late at night on a deserted Fire Island beach at high tide … we’re just sayin’! —Tim Murphy