What a Nice Day It Is!

Spring has Sprung

Photo: Melissa Hom

Perhaps you noticed it when you were walking to work today, hurried because you were a bit late after you took an extra minute to watch the end of that Saved by the Bell rerun. Or maybe you became aware of it when you stepped out to go to lunch, determined to get a salad but ending up getting a hot sandwich with lots of mayo because, let’s be honest, eating a salad at work is about as rewarding as flossing when you’re drunk. Anyway, regardless of how you realized it, it was out there: It’s finally spring. That short, blessed season where there are blossoms on trees, you can be outside in the city without it smelling like a rabbit, and you don’t have to wear your long coat anymore (it’s become shapeless anyway). You may have even, when it dawned on you, smiled at someone nearby. We did, and that never happens. Don’t you wish you were a student like this girl, and you could be outside reading right now? Though, um, you’d keep your shoes on, right?