Williamsburg to Be Populated by Perfect, Plastic People by 2010

Williamsburg Edge

Photo Courtesy Curbed.com

If you live in Williamsburg (or even outside of it, but are occasionally exposed to viral marketing), you are probably familiar with the Edge. It’s an ambitious residential development, you guessed it, on the “edge” of the water. They have an extremely high-falutin Website, obnoxious ads, and an opening date somewhere near 2010. Thankfully, Curbed.com sent someone out to the sales office to scope it all out (there’s no way we could have handled that kind of pretension on a Friday), and they came back with a number of hilarious pictures. Take the one above, for example. It’s a detail of a scale model of the complex, which elsewhere includes a tank with real fish in it to represent the East River. Please note the hot little plastic people frolicking by the pool (is the one in the back topless?). We’ve heard of using real gorgeous people as fake tenants of sample apartments — but plastic versions of gorgeous people as a way to sell your overstreamlined, characterless Eurotrash Utopia? Now that’s just damn efficient.

Show Us Your Sales Office: Williamsburg Edge [Curbed]
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