Woody Allen vs. Dov Charney? Jew Have Got to Be Kidding!

Woody Allen Dov Charney

Photo: FilmMagic, Getty Images

We live in New York, so we’re used to a lot of Jew things. Delis, banks, every important photo store in Manhattan … it’s all pretty Chosen. One of the city’s great moments in Hebrew history was Woody Allen’s cameo as a rabbi in his own film Annie Hall in 1977, for example. But today we learn that this and all other elements of NYC Jewish culture and legend have been blown out of the water by the brewing feud between Allen and pervy American Apparel founder Dov Charney. According to the Post, the director is suing American Apparel for $10 million after they used a still of him in his Hasidic garb from Annie Hall in billboard and online ads. Combine that with the Post headline, OH, NO JEW DON’T, and we may have a city record for Jewdicrousness, folks.