Long Island Home of 50 Cent Burns Down Dramatically, Suspiciously

Photo: Splash News

Earlier this morning, 50 Cent’s multi-million-dollar Long Island mansion burned to the ground, injuring the rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, and two of her children. Over the past few months, Tompkins and— wait, what do we call him? Fiddy? Curtis Jackson? Cent? We’re going with Cent — had been involved in a big-time drama over the house, which apparently erupted into a screaming fight on the street downtown just the other day. Tompkins claimed that her ex had promised her and their 10-year-old son, Marquise, that she could have custody of the six-bedroom Dix Hills mansion after they broke up, but a month ago Cent took her to court and had them evicted. “She’s not my shorty on the side,” said the rapper, who doesn’t live in the house, at the time. “I haven’t dealt with her since 2003. She worked for three months in 2001. She ain’t had a job; she ain’t done nothing. She thinks she’s entitled to 17 percent, because that’s what these bum chicks she be having around her be telling her.” Tompkins, her sons, and her boyfriend, who lived with them, were ordered by a judge to leave the house this month, and they’re sure going to have to now, since the house was obliterated by the blaze (although the pool still looks pretty good). Cent’s ex blames him. Either way, the Fire Department says there’s a “strong, strong” possibility the fire was suspicious. Duh.

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