Scott Rose in Full Bloom

Photo: Courtesy Scott Rose

You might have noticed that the "Comments" page of New York's current issue contains a mini-profile of serial Intel (and Vulture, and Grub Street, and Cut) commenter ScottRose. Rose came to the attention of the editors after he left a staggering 736 comments over a span of six months, and last week, when his 734th comment caused a violent uprising from fellow readers, they decided to find out exactly who this guy was. To stop and smell the Rose, if you will. "Comments" paints quite a picture: An Upper West Side resident, Rose is actually a professional writer — he's a published novelist and is scribe for publications such as Yacht Vacations and Charters and Pampered Puppy. But we can't help but notice that they left out something extremely important, something that, more than anything, tells us who Scott Rose really is.

Come on, guys. We know words are our business, but as they say, sometimes a picture is worth thousands of 'em.

Comments: May 26, 2008 [NYM]
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