Another Crane Collapses on Upper East Side

A view of the wreckage.Photo: Jennilyn Carson

Around 8:20 this morning, another crane collapsed on the Upper East Side. The crane, part of the construction site at Azure, a high-rise condo building at 333 East 91st Street, hit a white brick apartment building at 1749 First Avenue. “The top part [of the crane] snapped off and fell into that apartment and more fell onto the street,” a witness tells Daily Intel. At least two people have been pulled from the wreckage already. The Fire Department is saying that two people are still trapped, and another has been seriously injured.

Update, 9:31 A.M.: CBS is reporting that two people are confirmed dead. Three more have been pulled from the wreckage and are alive, though the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Views from a nearby building.Photo: Lane Brown.

Crane Collapses on Manhattan’s Upper East Side [NYT]
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