Breaking: Wasps Find Jews Vulgar

Jamie J.

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Over on Vanity Fair’s Website, antagonizer-of-the-rich Jamie Johnson went around talking to crusty old Wasps, trying to get them to say something outrageous and, he hoped, anti-Semitic, about the fact that the New York Public Library will soon be named after Stephen Schwarzman, who donated $100 million to the library in January. Because he just knows they’re thinking it. But he doesn’t get far: “It’s the worst kind of buffoonery,” one member says of Schwarzman’s putting his name on the library. “Schwarzman is horrid.” And that’s about the worst of it. Most people are more mild-mannered, and we’d smack Jamie Johnson upside the head for drecking the whole thing up except (a) He’s gotten so cute lately and (b) funny quotes like this: “That’s what new money does,” says one unnamed Wasp. “I suppose my family had to do the same thing hundreds of years ago, but look at us now, we’re like deities.” Schwarzman, unsurprisingly, doesn’t want to discuss whether he’s perceived by his peers as a horned devil. He is “very unenthusiastic about that,” Johnson is told, rather Waspishy, in fact, by a rep.