CBS: Top Clinton Adviser Already Telling Clinton It’s Over

You may have seen this video on Drudge, but the newsiest bit is at the very last moment. Above, CBS’s Evening News summarizes all of the problems Clinton is now facing (not least of which is mass-media pressure to drop out of the race). But at the end, political correspondent Jeff Greenfield reveals that a tippy top Clinton advisor has told the candidate herself that she “can’t win.” And, according to the CBS reporting, it’s only her closest circle of confidantes that will be able to influence her to drop out of the race. But by our estimation, her “closest circle” is actually just two people: her and Bill. When CBS gets Bubba on the record telling her to get out, then we’ll know it’s over. We won’t hold our breath.

Clinton’s Path to Victory Slipping Away [CBS via Towleroad]