Ellen DeGeneres Makes John McCain All Uncomfortable About Gay Marriage

Ellen DeGeneres is the kind of talk-show host that gets presidential candidates to dance and First Daughters to prank-call their parents. When it comes to politics, she doesn’t tend to ask the hard questions. Except on the subject of gay marriage, something very close to Ellen’s heart. Since California legalized gay marriage a week ago, Ellen has been excitedly talking about how she will wed her longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi officially. Ellen has asked Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama about the issue, and they favor civil unions for same-sex couples but not full marriage. Today Republican candidate John McCain was on the show, and she asked the same thing. But this time, it was decidedly more uncomfortable. Though McCain urged for some sort of legal compromise for insurance and protection (akin to civil unions? He didn’t elaborate), he seemed extremely uneasy when Ellen pressed the issue. In the above clip, Ellen makes some pretty heartfelt appeals and McCain can’t quite muster up the courage to defend himself on why he thinks she’s wrong.

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