Even Though He’s Dead, Norman Mailer’s Ex Insists Upon Making Us Imagine Him Naked

Norman Mailer was into role-playing with his former mistress, and especially liked pretending he was a producer and she a struggling actress. Brett Ratner encountered a lot of resistance from city officials while trying to film a sex scene for an upcoming short film in a tree in Central Park. Catherine Zeta-Jones spent fifteen straight hours in a gym on East 34th Street shooting a scene from her upcoming movie. The New York TimesDavid Carr credits “Page Six” with acclimatizing him to the city. Someone stole a $3,000 Schott leather jacket from a pre-auction party Christie’s threw at the Soho Grand. Surf Lodge, the new Montauk venture from the owners of Cain and GoldBar, opens on Memorial Day, and features food from Top Chef star Sam Talbot.

Elle editor Alexandra Postman doesn’t think Kelly Clarkson has style but has still put her on her cover. Gayle King insists that Oprah and Rachael Ray aren’t beefing. John Leguizamo says his first job was bringing chickens up from the basement for a KFC. Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat had a crush on her TV dad David Cross. Will he ever stop grossing us out? Tim Gunn advised Anderson Cooper and Ray Ellin to keep their tux jackets closed while posing for a photo. “Page Six” now says that the wife of radio jockey Gregg “Opie” Hughes wasn’t involved in a sex tape with Bam Margera. Harvey Fierstein and Christine Baranski hugged on West 48th Street, where both of their respective Broadway plays are being staged. Georgina Chapman wants to cut her hair short, just like Gwyneth Paltrow recently did. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has finally come to terms with the fact that she has a “bubble butt.” Naomi Campbell smoked cigarettes at Nello’s.