Gersh Kuntzman Takes Dump in the Name of Journalism

Bayside: This Queens enclave was ranked the best nabe citywide to raise children in, according to a new report that looked at safety, schools, and health care. (No word here on where kidtopia Park Slope ranked.) [NYDN]
Clinton Hill: The hood has its own solar-powered composting toilet (you don’t flush, just pour in a cup of wood chips!), and Brooklyn Paper’s irrepressible Gersh Kuntzman dropped by after a fiber-filled breakfast to make a generous donation. And filmed it. Ew. EW. [Brooklyn Paper via Clinton Hill Blog]

Coney Island: Even as the amusement park prepares to open this weekend, the city is saying it wants to wrest control of the iconic Wonder Wheel away from the family who bought it in 1948 and make it part of a city-owned, year-round fun park. [amNY via Gothamist]
Fort Greene: About 100 riders of the G train held a protest to kick off a monthlong campaign aiming to beef up service on the line, the “forgotten stepchild” of the subway system. [NYO]
East Village: Toyota footed the bill for a new “children’s learning garden” on East 11th Street, designed by the landscape architect who’s doing Brooklyn Bridge Park. [NYT]
Upper East Side: The hoity-toities who live around Park and 63rd are still grumbling about the catered society parties that go on inside the Third Church of Christ, Scientist — you know, the double-parked limos, the din of half the city’s Establishment taking a smoke break on any given night — and the court case over the matter drags on. [NYS]
South Bronx: Nearly an entire eighth-grade class boycotted a practice test last week for a statewide exam, complaining that such drills had gobbled up real learning time. But did a young teacher egg them on? [Talk Bronx]