Greenpoint Gets a Thematic Swimming Pool

Chinatown: Locals want efforts to stem outrageous development in the East Village and on the Lower East Side to be extended down here, too. [Villager]
Gramercy: This smart, young blogger still wears Uggs, loves JetBlue’s new ad campaign, and is so glad that the Sean Bell protests were a flop, because Bell had to be doing something shady at that dive, right? Don’t you wanna move to Gramercy just to be her friend? [Gramercy Cafe]
Greenpoint: Just in time for summer, the ‘point gets its own swimming pool! And, fittingly, the water is, well, green. [Newyorkshitty]

Lower Manhattan: After years of sitting there, rottingly beautiful and unloved, Pier A finally seems on schedule for a redo to make it a tourist hub. [Downtown Express]
Prospect Heights: That girl walking home with puke all over her clothes wants you to know that she did not puke on herself. Someone else puked at the Eastern Parkway subway stop. [Gowanus Lounge]
Sunnyside: A mother cannot take her baby to the park here without those other, trashy moms blowing cigarette smoke in Baby’s face! And then they start mixing it up with those F-bomb-dropping soccer boys! This park is perilous! [Queens Rocks]
Tribeca: The hood’s tots, once outnumbered by the sesame seeds on an Odeon burger bun, are now so numerous there’s not enough schools for them. [NYT via Curbed]