Hillary Clinton Still Endorsed by Diane Keaton

Brooke Astor

Photo: Getty Images

Barack Obama might be picking up superdelegates, but Hillary Clinton still has Annie Hall. “To me, she’s a heroine,” Diane Keaton said at a signing for her new book on Spanish architecture, California Romantica, on May 13. “I think she’s a remarkable woman. She’s handled so much of her life in a way that is courageous and brave and bold and fearless. I can’t say how much she means to me as a female figure. Period. How she’s solved her problems. And how she just went right back to work. She’s a working woman. I admire that. For me, I did vote for her. I just feel that in these times, which are very frightening times, it’d be good to have a working person in there, who is very practical and understands the way how things run.” But that doesn’t mean Keaton is threatening to stay home on Election Day if Obama is the nominee. “If it doesn’t work out for her, of course I will completely support Obama and hope that she’ll be the vice-presidential nominee. Because I’m a Democrat. And it has to be a Democrat this time.” —Emma Pearse