Hipster Influx Already Affecting Bushwick Community Board

Bushwick: Some people think the local community board should maybe hold its meetings elsewhere than in the projects so as not to scare off the hood’s new Central American and hipster contingents. [BushwickBK]
Lower Manhattan: Bargain store Syms, the longtime ego-stroker of shopping addicts who fancy themselves educated consumers, is buying property next to its Greenwich Street flagship, apparently to build a skyscraper. [NYP via Curbed]
Meatpacking District: Year for year since 1999 (Pastis opens!), exactly how the meatpacking district went from cow blood and tranny hookers to babes, bankers, and boutiques. [Sheckys via Vanishing NY]

Rockaways: The area won’t be getting its long-hoped-for “CUNY by the sea” campus, but it will likely get a new $19 mil library, thanks to innovatively coiffed Queens borough prez Helen Marshall. [NYDN via Queens Crap]
Roosevelt Island: So, uh, they may not get a ferry here till 2010, it turns out. At least they have nice waterfront fences, judging from the picture. [NYDN]
Union Square: The guys advertising “FREE HUGS” in the park here this weekend finally won out over Parks Department officials who tried to shoo them away. Why? Because the people wanted their free hug! [East Village Idiot]
Upper East Side: The foreclosure crisis hits the land of gold-plated assets, with a bank looking to reclaim $1.1 million on a unit in a mansion that once supposedly belonged to Whitneys or Hearsts. [A Fine Company]