How Will VSL’s Gary Foodim Get His Family the Alcohol They Need?


Samantha was so wasted
she had to be carried home. Photo:

There’s been a slew of stories lately about how the faltering economy is affecting the little guy, and the Post this morning brings us the tale of Very Short List general manager Gary Foodim, who claims his family’s cost of living has risen hugely since last year. Why? Foodim says it’s because his son Jackson, 4, and daughter Samantha, 2 ½ are eating more as they get older, and the Post tries to make the case that rising food costs are responsible. But a quick glance at the chart of the family’s expenses shows where the real problem lies: Jackson and Samantha are drinking more. This year, the Foodims spent $313 on alcohol a month, up 177 percent from last year, and a bigger increase than anything else on their list. “We’re always looking for entertainment related to the kids to try and keep them occupied,” Foodim tells the Post. Mmm-hmm. And by entertainment, he means “butterscotch schnapps.”