It’s Going to Be the Perfect Weekend for a Walk Across a Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Fireworks

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

If you missed the fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge last night, here’s a snapshot. The show kicked off the 125th-anniversary weekend of the New York icon, which will feature performances, movie screenings, and guided tours. The Times’ City Room blog has an interesting story about an early disaster on the well-loved bridge, which occurred when hordes of commuters used it as their only connection between Brooklyn and Manhattan. A dozen people were killed in a panic in 1883, less than a week after it opened. Luckily, the bridge is much less crowded these days, and people on foot use it mainly for exercise or a sightseeing experience. It is, after all, a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Perhaps an afternoon on a long May weekend? With temperatures in the low 70s? Meet you at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory?

An Engineering Marvel Born in Tragedy [City Room/NYT]