Mariah Carey: Anyone Who Thinks We Didn’t Have a Prenup Is Smoking Something!

Mariah Carey

Carey with her fat rock.Photo: FilmMagic

Thank goodness. Contrary to popular Internet belief (is there any other kind?), Mariah Carey did not marry younger performer Nick Cannon without a prenuptial agreement. (Actually, wait, why were we worried? If she lost everything in a divorce, all it would take would be another whispery, repetitive song that gets endlessly stuck in your head to make her rich again.) The “Touch My Body” singer, who is reportedly worth more than $200 million, told a friend that anyone who thought she hadn’t arranged to protect her finances was “smoking something.” Even though their engagement and marriage appeared to have occurred at a breakneck pace, Fox News’ Roger Friedman reports that her business savvy always comes first. “Miss Mariah and Mr. Cannon have a very nice prenuptial agreement,” he explains primly. Very nice? That’s funny. We thought that, by nature, prenuptial agreements were among the only things in the world that it’s technically impossible to make “nice.”

Don’t Worry, Mariah Has a Prenup [Fox News]
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