Mariah Carey to Celebrate Super Sweet Sixteen Wedding All Over Again

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon

Photo: WireImage

If there’s anything Mariah Carey knows about, it’s what her fans want. Which is probably why she’s realized that the teeny-tiny wedding she had with Nick Cannon in the Bahamas earlier this month just isn’t going to cut it. Last week she admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that she was planning on doing it over again, this time much bigger, better, and probably, thank God, with much less taste. Today,’s Courtney Hazlett has details on what she’s planning. The second nuptials will take place in New York City (yay!), will have upwards of 2,000 guests (yay yay!) and will cost more than $4 million (oh dear). Though the singer told DeGeneres on her show that the ceremony would take place next year, Hazlett hears that it’s actually going to happen in the next two months. Says a source: “Picture a wedding on the scale of Liza Minnelli’s (to David Gest) and you’ll be on the right track.” Oh, friend. What we’re picturing is way better than that.

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