Martha Stewart’s White-Faced Heifers Will Not Be Named After White-Faced Celebrities

Martha Stewart Time 100

Stewart at the Time 100 gala last night.Photo: Getty Images

If you head over to Martha Stewart’s blog today, you can see the results of her very exciting Internet poll over what she should name her two new cows. Noelle and Jessica Coen yesterday thought that the cows were ugly little buggers, but Intel editor Chris thinks they’re actually kind of cute. When we ran into Martha at the Time 100 last night, naturally we asked her about her two new friends. Was she rooting for any two names in particular? “I don’t get to have a favorite, but the public favorite is Ben and Jen, after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, because she named her dog after me,” Martha said. “I think they would be very pleased to have a pair of rare, miniature white-faced heifers named after them.” (For the record, Ben and Jen do indeed have a golden retriever named Martha Stewart, which is really stellar.) Unfortunately for Ben and Jen (and also for the cows, really), their names were not chosen in the end. Winning the naming competition by 2 percent were “Sir Loin and Madam Bovine.” We’re not going to guess at which celebrities are associated with those nicknames. —Jada Yuan

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