Our ‘Gossip Girl’ Paparazzi Moment

Annotated celebrity photo
Photo: Joe DeLessio

For the above photo, our own Joe DeLessio played Gossip Girl for a moment, capturing on film a celebrity sighting of Jenny Humphrey and Eric van der Woodsen (a.k.a. Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo, who is facing away in the picture but whom we're sure you can recognize by the highlights) outside of the Bamboozle concert on Saturday at the Meadowlands. The pair chilled with a group of school friends, drinking Monster Energy drink and hanging out on cars before heading in to see Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Eat World. As delighted as we were to catch them in their natural habitat, we were even more excited to see that everyone else around them was acting as though they were in an episode of Gossip Girl as well. See, in the above photo, it just looks like a bunch of kids hanging out, with the two famous young actors going unnoticed. After the jump, we've annotated it to reflect what is actually going on.