Pro-Pussy Activists Attack Port Authority

Photo: iStockphoto

Coney Island: In an uncertain season here, some see a bad omen in a patron at the boardwalk’s iconic Ruby’s Bar and Grill falling through the floor while taking a leak and landing literally in a pile of crap. [NYO via Curbed]
East Village: A tightly knit gaggle of cyclists staged an amazing, elaborate, and suspenseful take-back of a pal’s stolen bike. Seriously, who knew that cyclists could collaborate like superheroes? [Bike Blog via Gothamist]
Gowanus: A dig is going on in Thomas Greene Park, where a pool is set to open in July, to find out just how much toxic material lies beneath. This is also called “Double D Park.” Does anyone know why? Is there some breasts-related inside joke we’re missing? [Brownstoner]

Jamaica: Port Authority will no longer neuter the pack of feral cats that inhabit the grounds of JFK Airport and instead will remove them to shelters, where they may be put down. P.A. honchos say the wild kitties are an airport hazard, but a pro-pussyist says, “I’ve never seen a feral kitten pole vault into the engine of a jet airplane.” She’s obviously never eaten mushrooms before a flight. [amNY via QueensCrap]
Mill Island: Do you even know where this corner of Brooklyn is? Well, neither did we, but after looking at these photos of the hood’s crazy mini-castles and various pretty inlets, we’d like to visit it. [Traffic Triangle]
Park Slope: It would be sooo easy to mock the food co-op here for just banning plastic bags, but you know what? God love ‘em for doing the right thing. And they’re gonna ban the plastic roll-and-rip bags in the produce section next. So don’t think they can be stopped on any level. [Brooklyn Paper]
Upper West Side: The city has stopped the private Trinity School from selling the last (affordable) Mitchell-Lama building in the area to a private condo developer — a kibosh that leaves even non-Christian tenants there making the sign of the cross. [amNY]