Purveyor of B.D. Wong's Sperm in Fabulous Lawsuit

Photo: Jezebel

Ok, so Stuart Miller, the celebrity sperm-bank manager currently being sued by an ex-employee, is a creep: He allegedly forced his employees to go to Landmark seminars, required the plaintiff to share a bed with him on a number of occasions, and sent him erotic photos of himself, which are all over the papers today. (Did the Vanessa Hudgens scandal not teach people anything?) But we're a little suspicious of Scott Glasgow, the guy who's suing him, too. Glasgow repeatedly went back to work for the guy, let him move in with him, and has, according to his own lawsuit, had "issues in his past" that "revealed to the proper authorities could be damaging to Plaintiff Glasgow and others in his life." Also?

This butt picture is funny.

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