Roommates Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford Are Hiding Their Photobucket in Plain Sight

Ed Westwick Chace Crawford Naked

Photo: WireImage

You know we love you, right? And you know we love Gossip Girl. But sometimes our love for you and the show are in conflict. For instance, the other day we saw Chace Crawford and his entire gorgeous Texan family strolling down the street in Chelsea. We wanted to tell you right away (seriously, gorgeous, even the women, and you know that neither Chris nor Jessica are particularly interested), but we didn’t want to have Chace and the gang pursued by rabid fans all weekend, so we held back. (If anyone is going to do the pursuing, it’s us, thank you.).

Another example of this conflict is today. Gawker has uncovered a personal online-photo album that appears to belong to Crawford and Ed Westwick, who are roommates. There are some adorably hilarious ones, some predictably confusing ones, and at least one that totally confirms our suspicions. But because we love the show (and its cast) so much, we aren’t going to reproduce those pictures here. You can click through to Gawker or the album itself if you want. As Blair would say while meaning the exact opposite: No judgment.

’Gossip Girl’ Photobucket Treasure Trove Discovered [Gawker]