Scaffolding Already Up for Giant Waterfall Sculptures

Astoria: At the Queensview Co-op, squirrels are chewing vehicle wires and getting into homes, but wildlife activists say they should be deterred (chimney caps, anyone?), not trapped and killed. [Queens Crap]
Belmont: People thought that Jose, the Bronx River beaver named for Bronx state representative Jose Serrano, was dead. But telltale new tooth marks on a tree here at the zoo suggest otherwise. [NYDN]
Brooklyn Heights: Look at the scaffolding going up for one of those artsy waterfall installations for this summer. We thought it was for a really skinny new waterfront luxury condo! [Gowanus Lounge]

Coney Island: When the park opens on May 22, 4,000 folks will join a “freak-out” to protest the city’s scaling back the amusement-park end of Coney’s development in favor of condos, hotels, and retail. [NYP]
Dumbo: Jed Walentas, heir to the local real-estate fortune of dad David—whom he calls David, not Dad!—thinks that Dad (uh, David) has better things to do with his “fucking time” than obsess over carpet samples. [NYO via Curbed]
East Village: Newly “luxury”-oriented Stuyvesant Town will lure high-income gays with free crystal meth and unlimited retail space to open antique shops. Or so speculates this bitchy new blog, which really hates the hood. [Stuy Town’s Lux Living]
Times Square: A woman waiting for a bus to Oklahoma City gave birth at Port Authority yesterday afternoon. Then everyone celebrated at Hot & Crusty. Okay, we’re just kidding about that last part. []