Sneak Previews of ‘Sex and the City’ Movie Get Us Kind of Aflutter

Praise the Internet! If these preview clips of the upcoming Sex and the City movie were actually being sold somewhere, we imagine the hordes of Sex and the City fans the Times informs us are about to descend on the city would stampede, leaving piles of bloody, stiletto-pierced corpses in their wake. And all for naught! Because, to be honest, these sort of seem like the kind of clips that were leaked by the studio — meaning that nothing is spoiled but tantalizing questions are raised: Like, why is Carrie’s hair suddenly brown? What happens with Carrie and Big? What’s the deal with Jennifer Hudson’s boyfriend? And WHO DIES?!?! It’s enough to get even a casual SATC fan whipped into a frenzy!

We particularly enjoyed the following exchange, from the above video.

Charlotte: “New York Magazine said Brooklyn is the new Manhattan.”
Miranda: “Whoever wrote that lives in Brooklyn.”

Heh. Actually, it’s Queens that’s the new Brooklyn, but whatever.

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