The Look Book Comes to the ‘Shwick

Bushwick: OMG, how could we have missed that the hood’s doing its own look book? Look at these cute little hipsters and their blasé remarks! [BushwickBK]
East New York: A bill passed the U.S. House last week that would preserve affordability at the 5,800-unit Starrett City, the nation’s largest federally subsidized rental complex, a year after the government blocked a group of investors from buying up the place for $1.3 bil. [Brownstoner]
Gowanus: The Toll Brothers have launched a fancy community-outreach Website for the controversial, mixed-use development they’re planning to build alongside the canal. [Curbed]

Kingsbridge: A humble street corner in this Bronx hood may be the lucky site of the city’s second public toilet, one of twenty planned loos whose rollout began in January with the glamorous flagship in Madison Square Park. [NYDN]
Midland Beach: Folks are biking here in this Staten Island beach community, and that’s great, but it’s still kind of dangerous for them. Try biking in Manhattan, folks … then kvetch. [SI Advance]
Park Slope: Alternate-side-of-the-street parking will be suspended here all summer while new street signs are installed, meaning no space-changing hassles for drivers … but also no residential street cleaning. Ew! [Brooklyn Paper]