The Million-Dollar Terrace


Photo courtesy the Clarett Group

One of our favorite things to do, as we loll about in 100-dollar bills on our king-size Tempur-Pedic bed, is picture what one million bucks will get us: a few track-honed super-cars, a piece of timeless fine art, the respect of our peers. Here’s something else we now know it could get us: a spot to sneak off for a cigarette. SkyHouse, a tasteful 55-story tower on a skinny 29th Street lot, features views (and bedrooms made small by structural columns) in most of its family-size units. But on the 51st floor, developer Veronica Hackett of the Clarett Group has started showing a few brokers what she calls the Winter Garden, a roughly 1,000-square-foot terrace, with an optional 300-square-foot glass enclosure, that will tack — yes — one meeellion dollars onto a condo that normally costs $7.2 million. Sure, that seems like a lot. But can you really put a price on a good tan? —Alec Appelbaum