This Weekend on Governors Island, Avoid the Steaming Divot

Chelsea: In addition to building new bike lanes on other streets around the city, like in Williamsburg and Long Island City, the city will extend that much-talked-about Ninth Avenue bike lane from 23rd Street to 33rd Street. Wow, ten more blocks of safety before you have to start risking your life again. [Streetsblog]
Dongan Hills: Council member James Oddo (that’s right, the one who told the Borat-like fake interviewer to “get the fuck out of my office”) is now busting developers in this part of Staten Island for building driveways that are too steep. Don’t mess with this man — he’ll drink your milk shake every time! [AllWaysNY]
Governors Island: When it opens to the public this Saturday, there will be a fancy-shmancy polo match there…just like in the old days! [NYT]

Gowanus: Could the area’s new hotels turn into by-the-hour “hot-sheet” joints if the bottom falls out of the city’s tourist boom? What perfect places for Slope parents to go to feel naughty while they leave the kids with the Caribbean nanny! [Brownstoner]
Harlem: Alexander Hamilton’s house, which is being moved to St. Nicholas Park, is currently perched in the air over Convent Avenue. We smell an art installation: Flying Federalist Homes of Our Founding Fathers! [Curbed]
South Bronx: St. Barnabas Hospital here is the site of a real-life ER-type show now airing on the Discovery Channel. Cool! [Talk Bronx]
Williamsburg: Poor Katalin Pota, the woman who played Tony Soprano’s housekeeper. First, she was viciously hurt while trying to protect a friend from New Jersey underworld thugs (in real life, we mean!), now she’s being kicked out of her Billyburg home owned by the guy who built a wall through his Borough Park mansion to separate himself from his wife. Did you catch all that? We’re not sure we did. [NYDN]