‘Times’ Newsroom-Bloodbath Final Tally: Fifteen

• The New York Times laid off a total of fifteen journalists in the end. It was the paper’s first mass-reporter bloodbath in the broadsheet’s 157-year history. [NYP]
• It’s a media showdown! NBC’s local affiliate is challenging NY1’s foothold on 24-hour New York news. [NYP]
• Is Ryan Seacrest really going to take over Larry King’s time slot? Do we get a say in this? [MSNBC]

• BlackRock’s first-quarter profits might have been down owing to market turmoil, but the asset-management company’s chief, Laurence Fink, is being hailed as a Wall Street savior. [NYT]
• And another one bites the dust. In a high-profile exit, Moody’s Investor Service chief and president, Brian Clarkson, is out the door. [WSJ]
• Citibank’s new slogan? Citi Never Sleeps. How clever. The new Citi ads, though? Not as clever as the spoof. [Market Movers/Portfolio]

• Finding someone to sue over the mortgage crisis? That’s easy. But actually winning? Lawyers say that will be hard part. [NYT]
• The top intellectual-property lawyers under 50 include JPMorgan’s Andrew Cadel, who supervises a twelve-person team, and Time Warner’s go-to attorney Katherine Forrest. [Law.com]
• How to commit career suicide. [REAL ESTATE
• New condo buildings are coming with built-in, museum-quality art collections. [
• The first renderings of Robert De Niro’s Nobu Hotel have been released. Meanwhile, former Mets and Yankees baseball pitcher David Cone is looking for a pad. [NYP]
• Condo sales finally slow down. [NYS]