Today in Class Envy: Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue Floor Plan

Brooke Astor's Library

Photo Courtesy Corcoran

We’ve always thought our apartment should have a library. You know, a room for relaxing and reading that doesn’t have a TV in it. (We’ve also always thought we should have a townhouse on Gramercy Park, but we’ll just have to wait until Uma Thurman moves out for that to happen.) And now, it appears, we have a chance to buy a perfectly lovely apartment in a nice neighborhood, which boasts a very charming (if overchintzed) library. We think we might even buy it! Hey, you guys, can we borrow $46 million?

No? Okay, well, if you want to spoil our fun and buy Brooke Astor’s apartment for yourself, be our guest. The Daily News today points us to the Corcoran listing for the sprawling Park Avenue palace, which tells us everything we need to know about how we would be living if this were a perfect world. It features fourteen rooms, spectacular views up and down park, five fireplaces, six terraces, six bathrooms, and the final confirmation that if you live there you are scientifically superior to everybody else around you. How do you fit all of that maddening luxury into one apartment? After the jump, the dizzying floor plan, which includes New York apartment terms we’ve only heard of in myths and legends, like “private landing,” “vault,” and “pantry.”

For only $46M in cash, Brooke Astor’s 14-room apartment can be yours [NYDN]
778 Park Avenue - Official Listing [Corcoran]

Click here to view New York’s own slide show tour of the Astor apartment

Brooke Astor's floorplan

Photo Courtesy Corcoran