Wait, Are We Supposed to Feel Sorry for Lloyd Blankfein?

• Is Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein the most underpaid executive on Wall Street? [Forbes]
K.K.R. is trying to improve the greenness of its businesses. (Don’t think dollars, think ecofriendliness). [DealBook/NYT]
• Bear Stearns employees have started getting pink slips. [NYT]

• Martha Stewart takes her daytime show out of the running for an Emmy. [NYP]
• Randi Rhodes, who left Air America last month after remarks she made about Hillary Clinton showed up on YouTube, is rejoining the liberal radio station.*** [NYT]
• It’s Ellie time! The National Magazine Awards will be dolled out tonight. [ASME]

• This is why John Malone has his lawyer on speed dial: Barry Diller is forging ahead with splitting up IAC/InterActiveCorp into five separate businesses. [NYP]
• Should lawyers be blogging about their cases? You, too, should be careful where you comment online. [WSJ/Law.com]
AG Andrew Cuomo is staying out of the battle over state-judges’ pay. [NYS]

• The UES’s Carnegie Hill hasn’t always been super swanky: “In seventies and eighties, it was hinterland. The economy wasn’t so strong, and it wasn’t as safe. People didn’t want to live above 86th; those who did were true pioneers.” [amNY]
• Robert De Niro is opening up a Nobu Hotel in the financial district. “Instead of a mint on the pillow, you could find a sushi roll,” joked one of his partners. [NYP]
• It’s time to get your rackets re-strung: New York City gets its first new tennis club in twenty years. [NYS]

***Update: Randi Rhodes will actually not be rejoining Air America. She’ll be on an XM network that also carries AA, but she’s not back with the company.