Anne Hathaway Finally Gets Smart!

HathawayPhoto: Getty Images

Anne Hathaway’s reps didn’t deny to the Daily News that she had broken things off with Raffaello Follieri because she felt he was hurting her career. Democrats are worried that André Leon Talley is going to start dressing Michelle Obama, which would be disastrous given what he made Jennifer Hudson wear at the Oscars. Ashley Olsen and her new boyfriend, Justin Bartha, made their first public appearance together at the screening of Trumbo. Bruce Willis told a waiter at P.J. Clarke’s that he looked like Tom Hanks, at which point the waiter told Bruce that he looked like Bruce Willis. (To prove he was, in fact, Bruce Willis, he returned with Demi Moore three hours later.)

Ivanka Trump says she found out about her dad’s affair with Marla Maples by reading the Post. Matthew McConaughey may or may not have tried to kiss a girl while he was drunk and looking for his flip-flops at a Nicaraguan surfer’s cantina. (Girlfriend Camila Alves is due to give birth next month.) Sam Green, a longtime pal of Andy Warhol, says he’s smeared in the Julianne Moore flick Savage Grace in which he is depicted having sex with both Moore’s character and her son (he never did it with the son, okay?). Will Smith’s 7-year-old daughter, Willow, is going to star opposite Abigail Breslin in a movie that opens the same day as Smith’s Hancock does. Tom Wolfe still believes in the power of print over TV. Roger Clemens sold his Bentley to Bret Michaels to help pay his mounting legal fees. Kate Perry kissed a girlfriend at an L.A. club when the D.J. played her “I Kissed a Girl.” Tom Hanks added to his collection of old manual typewriters by purchasing four more at Gramercy Office Equipment. A bodyguard for Nicole Kidman actually lay down on the street to prevent a paparazzo’s car from giving chase. Hoopster Steve Nash is putting together an all-star soccer match for charity at Nike Field on Stanton Street on June 25. Cindy Adams says that Judge Judy’s new house in Connecticut is “maybe two bidets smaller than Buckingham Palace.”