Bill Richardson Has Some Ideas About What Obama Needs in a Running Mate

Bill Richardson

No pictures! Please! I’m just a man.”Photo: Getty Images

New Mexico governor Bill Richardson voiced some opinions today on what Barack Obama really needs to fill out his presidential ticket. Richardson’s own name has been tossed around recently with less frequency than Jim Webb’s and Hillary Clinton’s, but that hasn’t kept him out of the dialogue. The Observer reports that at a Council on Foreign Relations event in Manhattan, the former ambassador and cabinet secretary was asked what attributes Obama should be looking for in a running mate. His answer was oddly vague:

Regional balance — can you bring votes?…We’ve ignored the Southwest Hispanic vote.

So…Congressman Joe Baca? Whom are we talking about here? Richardson also said, “If John Kerry had won New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona…he’d be president today.” Really, Bill, you’re going to have to be more specific here.

Richardson Says It Would Be an ‘Honor’ to Run With Obama [NYO]